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Luke Body Fat Reduction Befor And After

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


Luke's Before & after Pictures with Bodies by Ben

" Luke had an incredible body fat reduction over the course of 4 months training with me. Luke's consistent effort with training meant that he rapidly decreased his weight and started to see improvements in his fitness almost instantly.

Coming from a sporting background Luke was no stranger to working hard and personal training was the perfect solution for Luke as he need a little extra motivation and direction to make his workouts effective.

As a smoker Luke struggled with cardiovascular exercise of more endurance based activity's that use the lungs more , but over time we were able to reduce his over all smoking and massively improve his performance to get the desired fitness and physique.

Luke's motivations to get fit were like a lot of dads a summer holiday was coming up and he wanted to be in better shape so he could feel proud of his body around the pool and in the holiday pictures. "

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