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Lidia 54 kg Weight Loss Before And After


Lidia's Before & After Pictures with Bodies by Ben

" Lidia like a lot of women her age struggled with trying to lose weight and after a number of years living in Bognor Regis and trying to lose weight by her self, she decided to get some expert help from a personal trainer and improve her diet.

When I first met Lidia she was over 132 kg had a very hight body fat percentage (67%) she hadn't really done much exercise but was struggling with what to eat and how to lose the excess weight effectively. Initially, we started Lidka on a conditioning phase were we brought her fitness levels up to a good level over 3 months. though this time we managed to lose a lot of weight with Lidia and really improve her health in the first 3 months we managed to lose over 25 kgs which is an incredible body fat reduction for that time frame after the initial 3 months we started doing more resistance-based exercises whilst still including a lot of HIIT workouts to get a high-calorie burn to help the overall weight loss

After about 6 months we had dropped over 35 kgs and we had dropped into below 100kg for the first time since Lidia was 16 years old this was an incredible feeling and a milestone I know she really never thought she could do.

after this, we started training a lot more with resistance based strength exercises to help improve muscle mass and help creat shape whilst Lidia still worked on nutrition and kept up her cardio.

Lida started running every day initially 3 kilometres each day but as the weeks went on she gradually improved and started running bigger distances eventually reaching 12 kilometres before our training session. it was over 8 months later that Lidia managed to break into the 78 kg mark and had lost over 54 kgs (8stone) or 119 pounds in the weight you can see in the picture above that the weight loss dramatically affected Lida's appearance and her body.

Lidia is still training with me 5 days a week for her goal of becoming 65 kgs and our goal is still the same but the next phase of training will be a little slower as we start to work more on strength training.

If you are member of Dream fitness Gym in Bognor Regis you will no doubt see Lidia in there most days as she's very committed to her goal, so I'm sure I will be posting up a finial weight loss picture of Lidka soon achieving her goal 65kg.

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